Expo Establishes COVID-19 Mitigation Guidelines For Events

The Porter County Expo has resumed limited public events that comply with the Indiana Governor’s Back On Track plan. Public access to our business office will remain on an APPOINTMENT ONLY BASIS. The Porter County Board of Commissioners has instituted the following COVID-19 Mitigation Guidelines applicable to any events held at the Porter County Expo Center.

Event organizers must develop and submit to the Porter County Health Department a written plan outlining the steps to be taken to mitigate against COVID-19. Each plan must include, but is not limited to, the following issues: 

  • Capacity Limits – outlining what steps have been taken and will be taken to ensure that the overall capacity does not exceed allowable limits set out in the current Stage of the Indiana Back On Track reopening plan or any more restrictive limits allowed by the Porter County Board of Commissioners or Porter County Health Department.
  • Social Distancing Measures – identifying measures to be employed to ensure attendees engage in social distancing such as use of multiple entrances, designated seating, one-way flow of attendees, ground markings, etc.
  • Face Coverings – requiring that face coverings must be worn at all times EXCEPT when a guest is seated at a table and is eating or drinking. 
  • Increased Sanitation – outlining steps to be taken to ensure the event space is appropriately cleaned and sanitized, that high touch areas have increased cleaning, and that additional handwashing or hand sanitizing is available. 
  • Communications – identifying and describing how the event organizer will inform guests to stay home if sick or part of a vulnerable population and engage in the social distancing, increased handwashing and face covering requirements set forth in the plan.

 Once the event organizer’s plan is approved or modified by the Porter County Health Department, the Expo Center will select and provide appropriate security, paid for by the event organizer, to assure compliance with the mutually agreed upon plan including, but not limited to, removal of guests who refuse to comply and closing down the event if deemed necessary. If an event is closed down for lack of compliance with the mutually agreed upon plan, no refunds will be given.

 If you have questions, you can email us a expocenter@porterco.org, call us at (219) 464-0133 or SUBMIT A QUESTION ONLINE.